Upcoming event on June 21st


Upcoming event on June 21st


 Global online event of Insightful Conversations among great speakers 

Next event coming soon!

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Meaningful Questions

We invited the speakers to share with us their most Meaningful Questions that they may struggle with at this moment of history. And they responded!

You will have the opportunity to discover our guest speaker’s most Meaningful Questions, as we release them over the next weeks.

Insightful Conversations

Join these Insightful Conversations featuring speakers who have all demonstrated the gift of awareness in the fields of science, business or society. Remarkable people who will engage in a collaborative manner in these Insightful Conversations.

It is up to us to choose in this PRESENT moment what we want to CONSERVE and what we want to ACT on.


This event is unlike many others. No conference. No long monologues. Instead of trying to prepare the best question for our guest speakers, we decided to inverse the process.

What are your most Meaningful Questions? What would you like to find the answer to, that seems so hard to find?

The team of #liveablefuture will dive into our guest speakers' Meaningful Questions and we will gain a better understanding of what drives them every day to act and to achieve the results they have achieved.

Discover more about it by listening to their Insightful Conversations.


Our speakers have already shared with us their most Meaningful Questions. Do you want to learn more?

Our first Insightful Conversation has been released on June 21th.


Stay tuned to our social media and don't miss our next Insightful Conversations!



We have understood for years that the rate of change we experience in our lives is exploding exponentially. Moreover, today it is a cascade of environmental, economic and social global crisis.

The living Earth is threatened by our way of living, and by conserving that way of life we continually recreate and expand this crisis further.


We believe now is the time for humanity to find a moment of stillness for reflecting about crucial question we need to ask ourselves for the sake of the future.


We declare that people must take local actions in ways that produce positive results in their own lives and in sustainable balance with nature for the sake of the entire world and on a global scale.


We are committed to finding the path that leads to a livable future for all the beings living on this planet.

Bridging Foundations for a Liveable Future

An initiative that arises from people and organizations in their desire to radically collaborate for a liveable future


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